From Singapore to Singaporean: The Bicentennial Experience

Singapore to Singaporean: The Bicentennial Experience was dedicated to the remembrance of two hundred years of history that made a nation, with messages crafted, curated and devoted to its people. This two-part showcase beckoned with stimulating perspectives into history told in a variety of formats, bringing to life snippets of history going as far back as 1299.

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From Singapore to Singaporean
 takes visitors on a journey through time to explore history as a series of visually audacious yet emotionally engaging adventures. Each act was conceptualised as a unique, exhilarating dive into Singapore’s past. Designed to resonate with visitors of all ages, the storytelling tone was intended to foster a participatory atmosphere and break the fourth wall, so that visitors would feel more like eyewitnesses, rather than simply passive observers.  

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The team set out to tell a story that would spark curiosity in people, and encourage them to embark on a journey of discovery.  

Split into five acts spread over two levels of the Fort Canning Centre, the hour-long experience reaches back over a thousand years in time. The prologue opens on a rain installation that reverses dramatically to symbolise the journey into the distant past. This sets the scene for the dramatic rise and fall of settlements and port-cities across South-east Asia. The opening is mirrored in an emotionally charged finale on a rain-soaked Padang, with dark clouds giving way to warm sunshine over the modern metropolis Singapore has become. 

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The Bicentennial Experience opened from 30th May to 31st December 2019 to the public. For more behind-the-scenes, view our 45th Anniversary Book.

The entire exhibition was a collaborative work only made possible with passionate inputs from fellow creative minds - MET Studio , ZARCH Collective, multimedia partner - Anomalyst, and film partner - Zhao Wei films.
The project is also featured on Wallpaper*, CNA, and The Straits Times.

La Prairie at TFWA 2019

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For a sense of permanence when visualising the new store, the conceptualised build had to be distinct and unlike an exhibition stand. The same depth in groove lines of the store was executed with precision to add a refined touch to the booth. Emphasis was placed on achieving top-notch detailing and material construction. Raw materials were shipped in from overseas and a comprehensive pre-site preparation was necessary to ensure quality production. To represent a consistent brand image, Kingsmen complied and adhered strictly to the same finishing as the corporate identity of the HQ back in Switzerland. 

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Besides arranging for raw veneer to be delivered from Italy, upon arrival it had to undergo a stringent varnishing and processing for it to achieve the same finishing as La Prairie’s Italian boutique store. Instead of the usual laminate and carpet flooring, La Prairie requested for marble flooring. To ensure the marble could well withstand weights, floor levelling was an important step. Given the same timeline as a single storey build, precise time management and anticipation of onsite challenges were required. 

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Upon stepping into the double storey stand, visitors were transported to a place where time stands still with sublime beauty that recalls the brand’s quintessential ‘Swissness’. La Prairie’s bespoke stand showcased their new store design concept and visual merchandising, in a full boutique experience. Inspired by the authentic, sophisticated elegance of Swiss Contemporary Architecture, La Prairie exude a raw and refined style that is simple in its execution, physically intense yet always in a poetic balance with the surrounding landscape. La Prairie endeavours to fulfil a quest for timeless beauty through the highest standards of advanced technology combined with exquisite formulations and elegant packaging — elevating science to art. 

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spatial design and build

design management

visual branding

material acquirement

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The La Prairie booth received Platinum under Best Stand at Retail Industry Event for World Exhibitions Stand Awards 2020.