First whiskey experience in iconic local heritage site designed to inspire

Finding innovative ways to engage our taste buds, we presented fans of one of the best-loved Scotch whiskies: The Macallan Whiskey E, an elegant experience as they embark on a thoughtful journey of the Scottish imagination behind whiskey-making.  

Visitors could journey through rooms dedicated to unfolding flavors and processes that make the Scottish single-malt whisky brand so iconic. While duty-free experiences are curtailed by air travel restrictions, the concept inspires local tourism to immerse in the dynamic exploration of the brand. Book a reservation for the four-month long exhibition here. 

Check out the iconic experiential space here:

UNBOXED by Singtel

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Ensuring safe and seamless 24/7 service, security of the store was considered thoughtfully, comprising high-tech infrastructure and hardware fitted into ceiling for spatial considerations and sensors to monitor the store. Personalised experiences were also highlighted through advanced facial recognition technology and a roving live bot in-store to offer human-to-human virtual chat when the support is required. With 5G enabled support rolled out with the installation of a solar-powered hybrid system, the self-sustaining container space allows services to be ‘connection-free’ during operations. 

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The modular store occupies a substantial 9 by 6 metres footprint that can be decoupled and freely transported to another location within a short timeframe. Customers can try out and purchase the latest phone models and 
accessories, and recontract or sign up for new plans at self-service kiosks at their utmost convenience.The container also utilised an automated mechanical extension to further extend the retail space by another 2 by 6 metres should the event calls for flexibility. Moving from downtown to neighborhood community, the hybrid service and lifestyle environment is shapeshifting retail experiences. 

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Designed by FITCH, the unique mobile retail space was awarded with an outstanding store design at the World Retail Awards 2020

Also featured on CNA Luxury.

Vinexpo Asia Pacific

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Of the wide offerings, featured booths and pavilions of wine trending regions drew attention in both booth design and tastes. Other than exuding qualities of the wine region, we appeal the unique visual merchandise. Vicente Gandia’s Sandara Sparkling wine combines Chardonnay and Sake for a peculiar quality product.The elegant wine takes form in the delicate design of its booth combining artistry and simplicity. Resonating the fusion of Japanese sake in Sandara wine, a chandelier hangs from above with suspended sake flowers as a centrepiece. 

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Vinexpo Hong Kong 2018 happened from 29th to 31st May - a three-day trade fair, guiding exhibitors and visitors through the most influential wine show taking place in APAC that year.