Vision, Mission and Shared Philosophy

Redifining Brand Experiences

Our Vision

  • Design-led, quality and service-driven


Our Mission

  • To maintain our position as one of the leaders in Asia Pacific
  • To be an active global player and be recognized as one of the elite marketing communication houses globally
  • To provide exciting and fulfilling career opportunities for all members through continual expansion and continuous learning


Kingsmen’s Shared Philosophy

The heart of quality at Kingsmen lies with the people who are totally absorbed in the notion that quality impacts the market. Everyone has a role in Kingsmen because every member is a vital link in a chain of activities that produces customer satisfaction. Based on cooperation and mutual respect, management and staff work hand-in-hand towards a common goal, focusing on customer’s needs, priorities, competitiveness and ultimately, profitability. After all, the customer’s success is our success.

At Kingsmen, we achieve growth and fulfillment in both our professional and personal lives.
We anticipate market needs and demands to steer the company towards long-term success.

  • Our Group, Our People
    • Embrace our creative, inclusive culture; passion and pride to deliver excellence at all times.
    • Assign and support every individual to an appropriate position that will maximise his/her potential.
    • Adapt to changes and adopt the spirit of continuous improvement to maintain our competitive edge.
    • Commitment to attract, develop and retain talent, who will lead the Group to continued success.
  • Our Customers
    • Customers expect quality; therefore always be ethical and professional.
    • Customers expect outstanding results; our role is to find solutions that will create and add value.
    • Maintain integrity and strive for excellence to gain customers’ trust and respect.
    • Be sincere, be a friend; our role is to help our customers succeed and look good.
  • Deliverable Qualities
    • Keep up with design and technological advancements, savour the ‘fun’ that comes with the challenges.
    • Have courage and a positive attitude to face all challenges; find solutions in the face of adversity.
    • When mistakes are made, no matter who’s at fault, we have the will and the means to remedy them.
    • Embrace the Partnership Principle of Company and Individual to achieve mutually satisfying results.