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Aston Martin Showroom Grand Opening

Launching Aston Martin’s Vietnam showroom in a two-days inauguration, the automotive powerhouse needed to create suspenseful moments while illustrating its heritage during a tour of the space. Unveiling their luxurious potential was the new car models, the DB11 and New Vantage, and the high-powered ‘predatory’ quality of the car. 

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Achieving intimate experience for the brand, Kingsmen planned highlights of the night that left visitors in awe. As guests and media walked through the space, illustrious sight of Aston Martin’s accomplishment translated the brand’s capabilities into personally mesmerising moments.  

To focus on the moment of revelation, we utilised the limited showroom space and platform weight. In order to achieve the effect without tech or mechanical alterations, we brought together an arresting live moment of a regal eagle flying in to surprise the crowd. 

For the perfect execution, we ran multiple test runs of the space and performers. The host had to familiarise with the eagle, ensuring that it spreads its wings on arrival, in the spotlight of the crowd. The showroom was also stress-tested for a secure display of the car models being revealed.

Overall, the launch was one of a kind with its arresting live performance, making the eagle an official icon even in the TV commercial of the New Vantage model released by Aston Martin. 

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For more details, follow Aston Martin's video filmed at the launch.

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