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DHL Americas Innovation Center

Designing the DHL Innovation Center in Chicago unlocks a platform to inspire, connect and engage visitors within the innovative world of logistics – creating new value and solutions for the business and its customers.

As a state-of-the-art facility, the overall design intends to evoke a journey through the logistics support of today and tomorrow. The modern look complemented by technology solutions of the courier company, is deliberate with its forward-looking vision.  

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Adapting the warehouse-style concept that aligns with DHL’s field of business, the thematic experience introduced subtle changes in the palette and expansive, flexible spaces. Industrial cool tones are replaced by futuristic colour schemes, used to reinforce DHL’s brand with striking impressions. 

Designed for continuity, a highly flexible use of space was an important design consideration to the whole showroom to allow adaptation depending on current industry trends and innovation. This includes easy-to-change title signage and low maintenance digital display.​ As a logistics company, functionality and efficiency are crucial operation needs, thus inspiring a conscience design to the Innovation Centre space. 

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