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Shanghai Airport at World Routes Expo

The World Routes Expo is a global conference exploring the most established route development internationally. An insightful event for the world's leading airports, airlines, tourism and various aviation stakeholders, outstanding booths at the conference reflect top-grade amenities of the exhibitors. Happening at diverse locations every year, we follow our clients through the different venue to deliver unique and engaging design.

For over 4 years, we developed the booth design for Shanghai Airport – an organisation that consistently offers stunning perspectives into the country’s local culture through its booth presence 

to inspire

In World Routes 2019 in Adelaide, Australia, Shanghai Airport entrances its visitors with a garden scene that envelops anyone who steps in. With the booth built in likeness to traditional Chinese architecture, we made use of wooden Byobu structure and used holographic projections to depict mirages of a bamboo forest. 

Meant to emulate the serene gardens of Jiang Nan, the bamboo aesthetic casted on the translucent screens provide a moment of respite in intricacies of light, shadow, and perspective. 
Implying through its storiesShanghai Airport wants to provide ease and comfort. 

to activate

Booth design plays on versatility and impressionable statements. Unlike 2019‘s work, Shanghai Airport at the World Routes 2018 offered different message to its visitors. At Guangzhou World Routes 2018, the brand focused on showcasing intelligent smart solutions. Cutting-edge technology was witnessed in its wall of vivid moving images. The exterior of the booth was composed entirely of LED screens that showed the stunning sights of Shanghai’s urban landscape. Panoramic shots extended seamlessly across the stand, bringing the city sights to the event while the interiors consisted of interactive element. 

to engage

At World Routes 2017 in Barcelona, Shanghai Airport’s booth stood out for its extensive use of greenery. Communicating the message of ‘Green Airport, Sustainable Travel’, the exhibit reflected the airport’s support for environmentally-conscious travel and was oriented in a circular fashion to symbolise Shanghai Airport’s vital role as an aviation hub in the region. 


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For over 4 years, Kingsmen developed the booth design for Shanghai Airport at World Routes, bringing our services to any part of the globe.

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