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Wuhan Tencent Exhibition Centre

An elaborated project to develop Asia's largest internet company's corporate gallery went into studying Tencent's culture to develop its large-scale exhibition centre.

The design of the Wuhan Tencent Exhibition Centre brillantly captures Asia’s largest internet company’s development and excellent results within the tech industry.

to inspire

Preparing background research into Tencent’s company culture and determining what to showcase that highlights the organisation’s success formula, our designers explore conceptual actions that connect information with engagement.
Amongst the various zones, the design team also created a customised exhibit – Internet Plus.

This exhibit utilises the Ventuz system and projection mapping to demonstrate the idea of how Tencent improves lives.

key services

spatial design & build

design development

material acquirement

ideation & concept design

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Delivering consistent results for our client, we have brought to life other Tencent centres such as the Tencent Binhai Experience Centre, and Tencent Qingdao Exhibition Hall.

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